Push Up Board Fitness Multi-function Foldable, Push Up Handles for Floor, Portable Home Gym Accessories, Strength Training Equipment, Home Workout Gear for Men and Women 25” W x 7.8” L


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  • 【PREMIUM QUALITY】The pushup board is made of ABS Ductile plastic that provides you with tough material. The resistance band is made of high-density nylon webbing material. The non-slip push up handles and plugs help stabilize your body
  • 【VERSATILE】While you do not necessarily need the pushup board to perform all variations of push ups, the board makes it easier to perform exercises without putting your joints and wrist in vulnerable positions. It’s great for people of all ages & experience levels
  • 【HOME GYM】Our push-up board helps to build up the bone strength, muscles, and all other supporting tissues in your body. Our at-home workout equipment is specifically designed to target different muscle groups (chest, shoulder, triceps, while engaging your core) Find a quicker and more-convenient method for your at-home gym!
  • 【COLOR-CODED PUSH UPS SYSTEM】Various colors identify which muscle groups are targeted. You do not have to stress about getting your hand placement right, you can instead focus on establishing a mind-muscle connection and contracting your target
  • 【WHAT YOU GET】In a package you will receive 1 Drawstring Bag, 1 Main Base, 1 Jump Rope, 2 Core Sliding Discs, 1 Hand Grip Strengthener, 1 Sheet Non-Slip Pads, and 1 Training Guide

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When it comes to building upper body muscle mass, strength, and endurance, there’s more than one way to skin the cat. You could get an expensive membership to your fancy local gym for access to sophisticated training equipment, or you could invest in a budget-friendly push-up board for your home gym to workout at your convenience. It is no secret that the push-up is one of the most versatile Exercises. The newbies mostly use the exercise as a foundational movement to build upper body strength and advanced lifters benefit from it by using it as a warmup or a way to annihilate their muscles during or after a workout as a finisher. Build your strength, muscle, and endurance using this effective and easy-to-use exercise product! DIMENSIONS: 25″ W x 7.8″ L x 0.75″ H What you get: 1 Push-up board base 2 Push-up Handles 2 Core Sliding Discs Use blue, smooth side for workouts on carpet and rugs Use black, padded side for workouts on laminate or hard floors 1 jump rope 1 hand grip strengthener 1 drawstring bag 1 training guide Pack of non-slip pads

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